This website is used to mine box office movie data for use in the Fantasy Movie League game. The site will also use a bin-packing algorithm (Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Services) to efficiently create your movie lineup based on the rules of the Fantasy Movie League. Since I have NO idea how to pick movies I figured I would rely on the "experts" and aggregate their data so I can make my own guess on the weekend box office predictions. I'll update this site and these comments when I can. If the site is DOWN, I'll know soon enough (so you don't have to call me). ;) I built this site for my friends and I at NCM when we found out about FML (YEAH, gotta love that abbreviation). We didn't know that NCM was going to buy Fantasy Movie League. As developers we are LAZY, but we'll BUILD things in our spare time so we have MORE of it!

Summary / Home Page

I wish I had the time to make this site pretty like Pete's site, but I keep thinking up functionality and implementing it.

Where to start?

  1. I typically start with the weights at the bottom where I can enter my values. These weights are "trust" values. "How much do I trust certain sources?" These weights are all relative. If you trust Box Office Report 6 times more than Box Office Prophet then put a 6 for BO Report's weight and a 1 for BO Prophet's weight. If you don't trust Box Office Mojo at all, then enter a 0 for that weight and BO Mojo's data will be ignored.
  2. Click on the Apply Weights button. This creates a weighted average os ALL the columns and puts those numbers in the Custom column. Those are YOUR numbers.
  3. You may edit those numbers in the custom column. If you choose to edit the numbers, the weight in the custom column will matter when you go to the picks page.
  4. You can copy the URL for future reference if you want to edit your numbers later, but you don't have to.
  5. Click the Calculate Picks button to see the picks based on the Box Office Values you have provided.
  6. SHARE your picks on Twitter using the handy share buttons (with bonus or without)
  • The column titles are clickable with the column's source data/article (they do not sort the columns). I'm always up for new sources, so let me know if you feel like sharing.
  • If you want only YOUR numbers, then put zeros at the bottom of all of the industry weight fields. The Clear helps with this.
  • Or you can mix and match and tweak the defaults and feed those numbers back into the calculations (kind of like a feedback loop).
  • The weights that I currently use as a basis and then maybe adjust from there. My Default Weights

API / Request Parameters

If you keep your numbers in a spreadsheet you can link directly to the index page and feed it your numbers. There are 15 "bo" and 7 "wl" parameters separated by commas (standard request stuff). You can get a sense of this request if you click the "Apply Weights" button. Maybe you keep your numbers in a spreadsheet, then you can use the HYPERLINK() and CONCATENATE() functions to build the URL for this site so it can help with your picks. That's what Liem does. He copies the aggregated data from the index page and then does his own thing with the data. NOW he can link back to this site for his picks.

Here's a full blown blog post about how to use the Excel functions and "link" to this site.
Word Press BLOG Post

This site's code lives on GitHub. So <meta/> You can look at the history of how all of the code came together. It started out with a few tests and spreadsheets and GREW from there.


Thank you to Pete Johnson who is (was?) the Fantasy Movie League "Nerd Guru". I LOVED his site, because once I have my dollar amounts I can PLAY with the numbers with his cool sliders... What else do Math Majors do? Still unsure if his "solver" code was client side or server side. If it was client side then that code was impressively fast.

Another thank you to the support of the Fantasy Movie League family